About Terminals


    Artists Projects:
    TERMINALS 2.0 1999

    CD-ROM and WWW:
    Mark Benthin, Yan Breuluex, Auriea Harvey, Carol Jacobsen, Robert Nideffer, Janet Pollock/Ian Silk, Carolee Schneemann, Jody Zellen.

    Untitled (4 Kathy, Bob, Christine, and where they all speak together):
    Laurel Beckman's untitled project takes as its inspiration the journal writings of Kathy Acker, Bob Flanagan, and Christine Tamblyn. Most of the journal texts were among the final self-reflexive moments in the too-short lives of these critical artists. Working with the texts Laurel enacts a kind of blind collaboration, allowing the fantastic partners of the dying-trauma and possibility-to work their way into visual form on the four pages that comprise her project. The pages, both homage and invention, offer (in sequence) a vulnerable and lusty Kathy, a truly naked (with all his words removed, leaving only punctuation) Bob, and the importance that time, friendship and work played in Christine's life. Finally, the fourth page is where they speak simultaneously to each other and to us.

    TERMINALS 1.0: Considering the End 1996 (WWW only)

    Museum Shows

    UC Santa Barbara:
    Curator: Elizabeth Brown, Curator: Victoria Vesna.
    Participating Artists: Christopher Armstrong, Laurel Beckman, Lisa Bloomfield, Mark Benthin/Yan Breuleux, Lisa Bloomfield, Mark A. Meadow, Robert Nideffer, Francesca Guerra Pearson, Carolee Schneemann, Gary Smith, Jim Tipton, Dean McNeal/Richard Dunlap.

    UC Riverside:
    Curator: Edward W. Earle
    Organizers: Carlos Sinde; Sherrie Soto.

    Gun Show: In Our Sights-Artists Look at Guns
    Organized by Nancy Floyd, William Laven and Kevin Jon Boyle.
    Participating Artists: Andy Anderson, Anthony Aziz, Joan Barker, Thomas Bayard, Stephanie Cress, Lynn Cohen, Terri Cummings, Nancy Floyd, Daniel Goodwin, Dale Kistemaker, Lynn Marsh, Bradley McCallum, Jerry McGrath, Cynthia Rettig, Joseph Rodriguez, Anne Rowland, Craig Smith, Cynthia Stahl, Tricia Todd, Kean Wilcox.

    Dan Meinwald, "Death and Photography in Nineteenth Century America".

    UC Irvine:
    Curator: Connie Samaras.
    Imaging, HTML, and Organizer: Vince Galveo. Aditional HTML: Jessica Irish.
    Patricipating Artists: Paula Allen, Robert Blanchon, Allan de Souza, Marlon Fuentes, Jessica Irish, Carol Jacobsen, Sheree Rose Levin, Eve Luckring.

    UC Santa Cruz:
    Curators: Margaret Morse; E.G. Crichton.

    Mortal Coils: Mourning Becomes Electronic
    Participating Artists: Jim Campbell, Carol Flax, Marjorie Franklin, May Mantell, Linda Montano, Carolyn Speranza, Christine Tamblyn, Mary Tsiongas, Woody Vasulka, Gail Wight.