About Terminals


    There are many without whom this project would have never come to be. Our funds were used exclusively for production while the endless hours of work that went into this ambitious undertaking were entirely a labor of love. We are most grateful to Jason Brown for tremendous work in design and layout of both iterations of Terminals. In the first version, it is important to note that Robert Nideffer worked closely with Jason on design and the co-ordination of the online exhibition between UCSB and the other UC campuses. Robert was also responsible for authoring Carolee Schneeman's piece as well as for editing and placing the final contents of the web component to a CD-ROM format. In the first version, Vince Golveo played an important role in designing and authoring the UCI gallery. Jessica Irish also lent invaluable assistance in authoring both Carol Jacobsen's and Paula Allen's pieces for the UCI site. At UC Santa Cruz, Maggie Morse and E.G. Crichton put on a superb gallery exhibition, Mortal Coils: Mourning Becomes Electronic which they coordinated with the online exhibition. We greatly appreciate the efforts of all the University of California museum and gallery directors and curators in lending their institutional support: Edward W. Earle, UC Riverside; Margaret Morse and E.G. Crichton, UC Santa Cruz; Pamela Bailey and Catherine Lord, UC Irvine. We are also thankful to curator Elizabeth Brown, UC Santa Barbara who was part of the initial investigating team and who helped co-ordinate the campus exhibitions.

    We especially want to thank all the many artists and scholars who contributed their work to this project. We are particularly indebted to Harry Reese for his exquisite cover design and for the many hours of work he contributed in helping us to conceptualize the construction of the book. Laurel Beckman's page design and help at many stages of the book production were equally invaluable. This project would not have been completed without the additional help and excellent support of Susan Lakin who both coordinated the final stages of the project and assisted with the lay-out and copy editing. Additionally, Corrina Richards helped to finalize the online design. We are also most thankful to Char Davies for sponsoring part of the printing process.

    Our deepest gratitude goes to Becky Tamblyn Pence, Sheree Rose Levin and Matias Viegener for entrusting us with the diaries of Christine Tamblyn, Bob Flanagan and Kathy Acker. These important contributions gave this project a far greater poignancy. They are extraordinary materials left to us by exceptional artists of our time. We are truly honored by this gift.

    Last but not least, we would like to thank, Professor Emeritus Emma Lew Thomas, former Director of Intercampus Arts (ICA), who not only showed endless patience as the project unfolded over a three year period but who also understood and supported the process and vision. We hope that this work will be something of a touchstone for Intercampus Arts which so generously funded this project. It is, after all, the first ICA visual arts project to have successfully included faculty and students from four UC campuses, coordinated physical gallery spaces with online exhibitions, incorporated a range of creative and scholarly work, and included independent artists from around the world.