This collection of hits and bits probes beyond an elementary interest in networked information discovery, where returns all too frequently gets divorced from content and context, and people from production. As a distributed database of navigable results, "Search & Retrieval" attempts to mine peculiar methods of knowledge transfer by querying the rules and logics of engagement instead of unconsciously reproducing them. Representation of such "information-navigation-as-art" holds true whether investigating: a phonebook, Web-site, or newspress as a relational database ("Search Engine"); the obsessive parallel processing of Freudian references used to methodically and meticulously map word associations ("Analysis Tapes"); spatialized writing for hypertextual displacements ("a text for the navigational age"); magnetically resonating bodies ("Rapt"); thoroughly sliced and diced bodies ("NPAC/OLDA"); 1 empirically catalogued and code-based bodies ("GeneMap99"); embodied dis-ease with classification on slippery surfaces ("degree of difficulty"); Mongrelized bodies reproduced as racialized subjects ("Natural Selection"); frustrated desires to see unseen color ("Squant"); political zones stripped bare of the populations that sustained them ("Occupied Territory"); short-circuited voices, terminally screened possessions, and radiographically modulated frequencies ("Channel Untitled"); real-time streams of dis-content culled from html pages, chats, emails, phone calls, and faxes ("Turnstile II"); the first incomprehensible chapter in a story about our inability to speak in truly translatable tongues ("chroma").

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Curated and implemented by Robert F. Nideffer for LA Freewaves 2K, with generous software support from TheBrain Technologies Corp.