PROXY playfully yet critically explores various kinds of agent interaction -- software, human, and/or any combination thereof -- through the construction of themed quests. Initial adventures include: Celebrity Profiles (a play on the manufacture of personae as commodity fetish); Faculty Subjects (a play on the institutional impetus to promote interdisciplinary collaboration in the context of academia); and Strategic Interests (a play on the covert monitoring, exchange, and manipulation of networked data).

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To personify your agent, and allow it to function and evolve most effectively in relation to your defined attributes, please take the time to respond to the following questions.

01. I have trouble perceiving others' emotions:
02. I am uncomfortable with strangers:
03. I find socializing unpleasant:
04. I am unable to communicate my needs:
05. I have difficulty accepting support from others:
06. I am reluctant to work in groups:
07. I would destroy a friendship for promotion:
08. I like to be in the limelight:
09. I feel envious when a friend gets recognition:
10. I resent being ignored:
11. I would physically harm someone to get ahead:
12. I would tell a lie if it serviced a higher goal:
13. I am short-tempered and angry:
14. I feel like crying:
15. I feel tense:
16. I have unstable moods and behavior:
17. I have heart palpitations or HBP:
18. I have ringing in my ears:

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