American Demographics: Thorough analysis and fresh perspectives on consumer demographics and economics, purchase behavior and media use, lifestyles and attitudes. American Demogr aphics breathes life and meaning into ordinary statistics. Has been nominated for three National Magazine Awards and has received numerous accolades for its editorial and design.
Architronic: Assures the timely and inexpensive exchange of scholarly and critical ideas about architecture. It is a platform for both presenting and reviewing research as a journal, while providing a forum for stimulating dialogue on emerging ideas.
Axcess: "Music Cybercutlure Style." Flashy and trashy, in a literate sort of way. From Robert Williams to Bill Laswell, and from Lisa Palac to Lisa Petrucci, Axcess is a graphics-intens ive synthesis of a certain kind of "now."
Bad Subjects: "Political Education for Everyday Life." An extremely popular (deservedly so) mailing list/conversation/text-based shouting match. "Articles have covered Hong Kong action movies, m alls, Rush Limbaugh, critiques of multiculturalism, U.S. Christian right politics, sexual preferences, contemporary Marxism and much, much more." Althusser for the remote control generation (in a good way.)
BLINK Magazine: A Journal of Postmodern Culture encoded with subliminal hallucinogenic algorhithms. BLINK does not accept responsibility for users' altered perceptions as a result of contact with this information.
Body Politic: A monthly news magazine focusing on people and events involved in the continuing struggle over reproductive freedom.
bOING bOING: "Brain candy for happy mutants." A net-literate review of apochryphal culture for the young, breezy and sarcastic. Self-consciously self-conscious updates on smart drugs, Barbi Twins, "comix," etc... What the "meat world" looks like to Deckert wanna-be's.
BuzzNet: Your online cultural voice, not in any way affiliated with Buzz Magazine.
Channel: The electronic version of The West Richmond Channel, a bimonthly newspaper serving Point Richmond, California and its surrounding communities in the San Francisco Bay Ar ea.
Chronicle of Higher Education -- Academe This Week: The Ivory Tower's weekly herald.
CMU's CyberLinks: An extremely valuable collection of vital theoretical works on the political, social, artistic contradictions of our cyborg realities. A critical nest of saws.
Computer Mediated Communication Magazine: A publication reporting about people, events, technology, public policy, culture, practices, research, and applications of computer-mediat ed communication. CMC also publishes opinion and essays about issues related to computer-mediated communication.
Configurations: A Journal of Literature, Science, and Technology: Fosters the multi-disciplinary study of the relations among literature and language, the arts, science, medi cine, and technology.
CTHEORY: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker's wonderful, endlessly mutating collaborative manifesto against the Recline of Western Civilization. Always finding new and worthwhile edges to cut. "CTHEORY is an international, electronic review of books on theory, technology and culture. Sponsored by the Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory, reviews are posted periodically of key books in contemporary discourse as well as t heorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape."
Cultronix: A cultural studies journal making use of a mixed format, with articles featuring text, graphics, audio, video and interactive hypermedia.
Cyber Culture: As the publishers put it, "a magazine about -- nothing."
Cyberspace Today: Tries to meet the needs of the home and business computer user who is looking for ways to gain access to just about any kind of information or social interaction. Specifica lly, Cyberspace Today prints a directory of all the phone, fax and modem numbers plus the URLs of every online service provider and California Internet service providers.
Cybersphère: On peut trouver les nouvelles Francaise de ce journal. Attendez pour la version "online" d'Interactif.
ejournal: Explores theory and practice surrounding the creation, transmission, storage, interpretation, alteration and replication of electronic "text," broa dly defined. Also interested in the social, psychological, literary, economic, pedagogical, philosophical and other ramifications of computer-mediated networks.
Electronic Journal of Sociology: A refereed electronic journal. EJS specializes in publishing articles and commentaries for those wishing to solicit rapid feedback about current or propose d projects, while retaining high standards of scholarly content. EJS also publishes review essays, reviews of books, reviews of software, and direction statements.
Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture: Aims to foster, encourage, advance, and communicate research and scholarly inquiry on virtual culture.
FEED: Surveying the turbulent, early-industrial landscape of England in the 1830s, Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote: "Every age may be called an age of transition -- the passage from one state to another ne ver ceases. But in our age the transition is visible." It's a remark that would go without saying in today's society, where the sheer velocity of technological change has become a slogan and a sales-pitch, echoing through the furthest reaches of the media sphere. Open up your daily paper's business section or flip through any of the bubbly entertainment rags, and you'll read about paradigms being shattered, old forms giving way to the new, "interactive multimedia" ushering its sluggish, page-bound ancestor s to the ash-heap of historical irrelevance. Even the austere halls of Congress are prone to this revolutionary language, as Newt Gingrich waxes cyber-philosophical about the rising Third Wave information society. On every corner in cyberia someone breath lessly announces the latest and greatest digital advance, guaranteed to finish off, for once and for all, the tired analog behemoths still lumbering among us.
Globetrotter: Fed up of paying through the nose for paper-based magazines? Wondering what to do with all that amazing bandwidth you can now get piped direct to your desk/home/car/caravan/boat? Don't worry, Globetrotter will aide you in your search for a better f uture and a more agreeable now.
HotWired: The 900 lb gorilla of online publishing. Do not upset these people, they can and will destroy you! The undisputed clipper ship of the digital seas, unless they don't stop sucking corporate anus. "Hip" is relative, but in this case mandatory.
Inter@ctive Week: Variety for the netbiz gossip wonk. It promises to keep you up to date with the online moving and shaking. Tip: look elswhere for analysis.
International Teletimes: Global News & Culture Magazine. Very Slick.
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication: The journal seeks to publish original essays and research reports on such topics as interpersonal and group processes in communication n etworks, issues of privacy, economics and access raised by the developing information infrastructure, instructional communication in distance learning, computer-supported cooperative work, and organizational and social policy issues occasioned by the new medium.
Journal of Electronic Publishing: An electronic archive of works that are thoughtful and provocative as well as reflective of the current issues and trends in electronic publishing.
Journal of Information, Law and Technology: A discursive electronic culture in the publication and reading of law journals within the academic community.
La Paranoia: Some people might consider some of the things here offensive. But when is that not the case?
LegaLink Newsletter: Provides a concise summary of current legal developments to friends and clients who are interested in electronic commerce, multimedia, ISDN and software development.
Meanderings: A distinctively, though not exclusively, African American Journal of Politics, Art and Culture.
Modern Fiction Studies: A scholarly journal of modern and contemporary narrative, theory, and culture.
Modern Language Notes: Pioneered the introduction of contemporary continental criticism into American scholarship. The journal features articles and notes on the theory, interpretation, and history of languages.
MoJo Wire -- Mother Jones Interactive: A survivor of the liberal press, Mother Jones has moved online in a big way. A younger generation of readers is in the process of "updating" the magazine's vis ion of the American left, often for the better.
MONDO 2000: Many people's first glimpse of "cyberculture" was in the shiny pages of this vital trendsetter. An expanded online presence is imminent. For now, enjoy past articles and interviews.
Network Observer: Phil Agre of the department of Communication at University of California, San Diego maintains this always watchful newsletter keeping tabs on the nuts and bolts of ne t politics. There's always an elsewhere...even here.
Online Modern History Review: A refereed journal published in an electronic format, is designed to satisfy the needs of the modern scholar who wants convenient and imme diate access to the latest historical research.
P e r f o r a t i o n s: A quarterly journal/media kit. Each issue develops different themes of contemporary life as they relate to technology. Topics are generally broadly defined in order t o accommodate approaches to the material that are experimental, creative and informed by multiple perspectives. Hypertexts and/or video tapes and audio tapes are included with each issue.
Phrack: Since 1985, Phrack has been providing the hacker community with information on operating systems, networking technologies, and telephony, as well as relaying other topics of interest to the international computer underground.
Postmodern Culture: An Electronic Journal of Interdisciplinary Criticism. One of the best.
RhetNet: An attempt to avoid replicating print-based textual shapes and intellectual sensibilities so common to online publishing ventures, and instead explore the possibilitie s presented by digital media.
Risks Digest: Forum on risks to the public in computers and related systems.
Seulemonde: A deconstructing journal.
Skin Two: The slickest and glossiest of the slick and glossy fetish/SM/BD "magazines." Skin Two has launched an innovative members-only Web site that delivers what it promises.
Snake Oil: Your Guide to Kooky Kontemporary Kristian Kulture.
Spunk Press: Collects and distributes literature in electronic format, with an emphasis on anarchism and related issues.
The Net: An often useful salad of potentially interesting sites to visit masquerading as a "hip" magazine for net newcomers.
Thesis: Another critical look at science and technology developments.
Undercurrent: An online journal for the analysis of the present.
Upside: The Business Week of the online market. Stop by to find out why layoffs, toxic production standards, massive privatization and privatized "security protocals" will lead the way to an inevita ble Third Wave cybertopia. Don't take the stock option!
Urban Desires: Are you a writer, artist or photographer? Then check this journal out. Highly recommended.
UTNE LENS: Aims is to become a base camp on the Web for people interested in ideas and culture.
Voice of the Shuttle: Science, Technology, and Culture Page: Collection of resources on science, medicine, technology, and computers designed for humanists interested in th e theory and history of the relation between sci-tech and culture. The emphasis is thus on materials that reflect upon, historicize, critique, collect, exhibit, or otherwise mediate (and mediatize) sci-tech/cybertech rather than on scientific research per se.
WORD: Check it out!
Ziff-Davis: BUY! BUY! BUY!

News Press

Clarinet News: The first and largest electronic news service on the Internet. Offers general, international, sports, technology, entertainment and financial news, as well as special features and columns.
CyberWire Dispatch, by Brock N. Meeks: Notoriously sharp-edged "truths" delivered on-time by the venerable Mr. Meeks, who through sheer persistence and volume, has made himself a respectable observer of net events. Fortunately, he is often right on target.
The Guardian On-Line: Provides a jumping off point for a range of Internet-based projects; not an online newspaper, but a space publishing material drawn from and complementary to the printed newspaper s.
MMWIRE WEB: The goal with MMWIRE(tm) Online is to provide new media professionals with a one-stop source for news and resources.
NandO Times: More of the latest breaking news online.
National Public Radio Online: Clean the wax out of your ears!
The Daily News: An independent listing of sites on the Internet that provide significant news on a daily basis.
TIME INC.: Becoming a bit of a black (w)hole... An international online service provided by Howard Publications and the Casper (Wyoming) Star-Tribune.
World News: Another awesome set of links to the daily news from around the world.
Commercial News Services on the Internet: For those of you unable to quest your thirst for current events, here's some additional bits of information to ponder.


Alliance for Public Technology: A Washington, DC based nonprofit, tax exempt coalition of public interest groups and individuals whose goal is to foster broad access to affordable, usable information and communication services and technology. APT provides an effective grassroots voice for equitable and affordable access to the benefits of telecommunications technology in the Information Age.
American Civil Liberties Union: The ACLU Free Reading Room makes available to users of the internet a growing collection of publications and information resources. Currently, the collection includes basic line of publications on issues of high public interest; the most recent issue of the membership newsletter, Civil Liberties; a growing collection of recent public policy reports and action guides; Congressional voting records for the 103rd Congress ; letters to elected officials and congressional testimony; selected ACLU legal briefs submitted in Supreme Court cases; and an archive of news releases from the National Office.
Blowfish Home Page: A mail-order company specializing in sex-positive erotic merchandise.
Body Politic: A monthly news magazine focusing on people and events involved in the continuing struggle over reproductive freedom.
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility: CPSR is a public-interest alliance of computer scientists and others interested in the impact of computer technology on society. As technical ex perts, CPSR members provide the public and policymakers with realistic assessments of the power, promise, and limitations of computer technology. As concerned citizens, they direct public attention to critical choices concerning the applications of comput ing and how those choices affect society.
Covert Action Quarterly: "CovertAction Quarterly has won numerous awards for investigative journalism. It is read around the world by investigative reporters, activists, scholars, in telligence buffs, news junkies, and anyone who wants to know the news and analysis behind the soundbites and headlines. Recommended by Noam Chomsky; targeted by the CIA."
Cyber-Rights Home Page: At the beginning of 1995, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility set up some working groups to advance their causes. The Campaign for Cy ber-Rights seeks to raise awareness of the forces involved in the commercial development of Cyberspace, and to promote global support for the Declaration of Rights in Cyberspace. They see this as being crucial not only to the continuance of our open Inter net culture, but to the survival of democracy itself in the globalized Information Age. "The basic rights are: the right to assemble in online communities, the right to speak freely, the right to privacy online and the right to reasonable network pricing. "
Electronic Frontier Foundation: The biggest and most relied-upon net activists. Founded by John Perry Barlow and Mitch Kapor. For some, their libertarian agenda has been diluted by one co mprimise too many. For others, "libertarianism" was never the main point of information politics. Either way, EFF has lost some of its lustre and prestige, and no longer owns the "last word" if they ever did. Theirs may be a case of too many people wantin g too many different things from a single organization. Nevertheless, no other activist group maintains a more complete and elaborate archive of information relating to legislation and information.
Electronic Privacy Information Center: A public interest research center in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1994 to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues relating to the National Inform ation Infrastructure, such as the Clipper Chip, the Digital Telephony proposal, national ID cards, medical record privacy, credit records, and the sale of consumer data.
Ethics and Law on the Electronic Frontier: A course offered at MIT during the 1995 fall semester; deals with the following topics: Computer Crime, Information and Intellectual Property, Encryption and National Security, Privacy, Implications of Computer Networks, Computer Communications, and Freedom of Expression.
Feminist Activist Resources on the Net: A feminist guide to useful Internet resources.
Forum on Risks in Computers and Related Systems: Sponsored by the ACM, Committee on Computers and Public Policy. The RISKS Forum is a moderated digest.
Free Burma: A collection of software, hardware, documentation, and volunteers, all doing what they can to hasten the replacement of the current military government who tortures its citizens with one chosen by the people who live there.
Free Radio Berkeley: One of the Unabomber's reluctant "contactees" maintains an excellent source of information and inspiration on the supra-FCC possibilites of radio waves.
Free Software Foundation: A group started by Richard Stallman to embody his ideas of personal freedom and how software should be produced and dissemina ted.
Gateway to Free-Nets and Community Computer Networks via WWW: Where in the world to go for Web access.
Gender and Sexuality: Publishes texts which address gender studies and queer studies, with a particular focus upon discussions of sex, gender, sexual identity and sexuality in cultura l practices.
Good Vibrations: Good Vibrations, 'a clean, well-lighted place' to shop for sex toys, books and videos, has been a cherished San Francisco institution since 1977. Now they're in the process of moving to the Web.
Institute for Global Communications: The secret headquarters of all Man's knowledge and power.
LaborNet@IGC Home Page: A community of labor unions, activists, and organizations using computer networks for information-sharing and collaboration with the intent of increasing the human rights a nd economic justice of workers.
League for Programming Freedom (LPF): An organization that opposes software patents and user interface copyrights.
Left On-Line: LBBS, short for Left Online, is a new bulletin board system co-sponsored by a diverse (and daily growing) consortium of progressive periodi cals and organizations.The LBBS offers polls and Questionaires, teleconferencing, Internet E-Mail connectivity, some Internet Usenet group hook-ups, online help, etc. Best of all, the LBBS features QwkMail so that you can participate in a wide array of fo rums and yet do all your reading and writing offline, never having to hunt for anything, read any messages, or write any messages -- whether E-Mail or for Forums -- while the meter is clicking.
Left Side of the Web: Resources for progressive activists. Of course, in the interest of fairness and balance, the Right Side of t he Web: is available.
Marxism Page: "Seize the means of production!" with all your materialist favorites. Who could forget "Honey, come here a sec!" by Althusser or....
NewtWatch Home Page: Whether you're curious about Newt's Congressional voting record, interested in those ethics complaints you've heard so much about or trying to learn who in your Zip Code contrib uted to Newt, it's all here.
Plugged In -- Children's WebTopia: A group of middle-school students hard at work developing their own electronic environments.
Progressive Publications & News Services: An amazing compendium of progressive information, including alternative news resources, electronic versions of printed magazines, and television and radio bro adcasts.
Queer Resources Directory: A massive archive of files about everything queer.
Red Rock Eater: An online facility that consists of the RRE News Service and the RRE Archive. Subscribers to the list receive periodic messages from the editor, roughly five a week o n average. These messages have no definite format; they simply contain anything that the editor has discovered on his travels around the Internet that he finds interesting.
Situationist International Archive: A growing collection of the translated works of the grumpy dead frogs. "The Unabomber of La Nouvelle Vague!" raves the New Yorker.
Social Implications of Information Technologies: An experimental online class at University of Pennsylvania.
Spunk Press: "The excuse for the existence of SPUNK PRESS is the desire of some individuals to see alternative literature continue to flourish, but this time online! The policy of SPUNK PRESS is to act as an independent publisher of works converted to, or produced in, electronic format and to spread them as far as possible on the Internet and in the BBS society free of charge. The work may not necessarily originate f rom someone with net access. The major interest of SPUNK PRESS is alternative literature and anarchist material, both old, converted, and newly produced."
This Modern World: A message from Tom Tomorrow: "I'm making my weekly cartoon, This Modern World, available by Internet for the benefit of interested readers who live in cities where it doesn't run regularly. So as not to step on the toes of those papers which pay me for the right to reprint my work each week, these cartoons are put up a month after their initial print appearance. You can get the current This Modern World in many papers or on th e web for $5 a year from Tool Users Comics."
Transgender Forum: TGF is a private venture that is being produced in cooperation with San Francisco's ETVC, the world's largest single chapter transgender organization, a non-prof it organization.
TV Nation Home Page: A message from Michael Moore: "As of now, we haven't heard from Fox about whether they'll pick up TV Nation after our final show on September 8. The ratings haven't been stellar, but certain age groups have been very strong so there is some hope. I'll say this: no other Fox show has received the kind of support -- both from critics and fans -- that TV Nation has. We've been sent over 200 pounds of U.S. Mail, 20,000 E-Mail letters and Crackers has received over 30,000 Corporate Crime tops on his hotline. This kind of response is phenomenal and unheard of for network TV -- especially when there is no organized campaign. Thanks to everyone, and please let Fox know how you fe el."
Working Assets: A socially responsible no-load mutual fund family with six portfolios designed for a range of investment objectives.


Adaweb artist sites/index: A mutating collection of interesting Web projects by various artists.
Art Crimes Index: The goals are to provide cultural information and scholarly resources, to help preserve and document the constantly disappearing works of the graffiti art movement (oddly enough, all reproduced works of graffiti art are copyrighted by the photographers...).
Astralwerks: The mostest in ambient, techno and digital dub moozik.
Axiom Home Page: Bill Laswell's powerful, pulsating Temporary Autonomous Zone, Axiom, is an extraordinarily diverse and creative collection of trans-musical projects.
Bibliothèque publique d'information: c'est unétablissement public au sein du Centre Georges Pompidou auquel elle est liéepar convention.Elle est placée sous la tutelle du ministè re de la Culture (Direction du livre et de la lecture).
Burroughs Files: An electronic reference guide to works of William Seward Burroughs, his literary works, recordings, film, video appearances, samples, and other publications.
Centre Georges Pompidou (Beaubourg): Its architecture is the aim of rationalism.
Cobain after he shot himself: Not a pretty picture.
DADA Productions Inc.: If we subtract one's DREAMS/TREMENS and rhetoric to Judas and Tumeric-Hydro-Chloric reticence, we will rid our selves of Wicked Destitute threes, Denver and cess pool of Je sus' juggernaut.
Dan's Gallery of the Grotesque: The Premiere Forensics Exhibition on the Web. A metaphor for the squalid, degenerate world that was born out of one man's self-indulgence and apathy.
...ellipsis...: Avant-garde contemporary architecture.
Extreme: Australia's leading publisher and distributor of experimental music, sound and noise.
HAKIM BEY: Dr.Timothy Leary's heir apparent.
Hollow Ear: The gap between the aural cavities. Music that defies easy categorizations or quick quips.
Hyperreal: a collaborative publishing effort with the mission of giving a home to alternative culture, music and expression.
Industrial Page: A collection of popular industrial music links.
IRCAM WWW Server: Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique.
kosmic free music foundation: Hours of music to download, cool art, and incredible links.
Knitting Factory: The epicenter of New York's contemporary avant-jazz scene has made itself the foremost of venues to make the online thing.
LACMAweb: LA County Museum of Arts awesome collection of online museum links.
LEONARDO: A fascinating journal that has kept up with the technology/ art cross-overs since I was in diapers (roughly four years).
Leviathan: \li-'vi-e-then\ n. something large or formidable.
MusicLinks/Labels: All Labels (techno and ambient).
Negativland: Visit the online tree house of our favorite Robin Hoods of punk semiotics.
Negativland/U2: Downloadable!!!: Negativland's embattled U2 single is now available to you in all its hi-fi stereo splendor, thanks to the magic of MPEG-2 audio.
NESAK International: NESAK distributes CDs from all over the musical spectrum, from techno to jazz to the digeridoos of Australia. Here's a sampling of the catalog.
Surrealism Server: COMMODE originated as a naval term for COMMAND MODE.
Survival Research Laboratories: Crash! Boom! Dance! Burn! Everyone's favorite Boy Scouts Against God take their turn.
This Modern World: Yep! Comics and cartoons.


actlab/info: Intent is to incorporate information relevant to the study of virtual systems (including topics of interfaces, interaction, and agency). Lots of neat MOO links. Check out the local scene on Point MOOt.
CardiffMOO: "You behold the interface of convergient virtual realities. It looks a bit grubby and the floor in here could do with a wash." The MOO has been running, in several incarnations, since mid 1992 and is used as test-bed for ideas related to research into the design of object-oriented programming environments.
ChibaMoo--The Sprawl: The sprawl is the world's first public access web server and multi media moo. It's a collaborative hyperarchical integrated media environment residing on a silicon graphics media server at sensemedia publishing in Santa Cruz, CA; a virtual community where all users are given the ability to extend the cyberscape in an unrestricted manner, creating a huge and sprawling virtual reality.
COARA/Japan: A lot of interesting pictures; text can be hard to follow.
Cobra Lounge: It happens once, twice, maybe three times a year, the spoon call goes out and a commie-unity of action is undertaken, to "cobrasize" the real world, and resurrect th e steaming and slinking powers of fat fun. Get on board, or get out of the way. Definately worth a visit.
Cyber Café Guide version 7.9: Reviews and schedules of events for multitudes of terminal coffee places (a.k.a. Cyber Cafés).
CyberQueer Lounge: "The CyberQueer Lounge is dedicated to ALL the Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals, Transgendered and PWAs; to all those murdered, tortured or abused in anyway beca use of love; to ALL of those that carry on the messages and struggles to defeat hate, homophobia, AIDS, all the "isms," and advance human rights and dignity of ALL without exception or apology; to being part of the solutions and hopefully not the problems ; to building a world we can all live and die in with dignity.
France (Europe): Digitally re-configured. (tm): France OnLine (tm) est le premier service télématique destiné aux francophones et francophiles résidant aux Etats-Unis.
France Television: Find out when Knightrider comes on in the city of lights.
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities: Here You'll find a link to a text-based virtual reality facility for real-time discussion of IATH projects. Remember to log in as "guest" and hit the Enter key when prompted for a password
LambdaMOO: As when visiting any international city, it is wise to be careful who you associate with and what you say.
MediaMOO: "MediaMOO is a professional community, where people come to explore the future of media technology." Highly recommended.
Media-Lab at M.I.T.: Nicholas Negoponte's funding magnet.
Minitel: France's groundbreaking videotext system is now easily accesible from the States via the Web. Get your credit card handy.
MOO Archives/UK: Great MOOing resources.
MOOtropolis: Hopes to provide a forum for the exploration of human's relationships with their technological environments. The MOO draws inspiration from writers and philosophers such as Borges, Milo sz, Heidegger, and Baudrillard, and has been constructed on this literary, poetic, and philosophical theme. Have a look see.
PARIS.MONUMENT.MUSEUM.MAP: A virtual map of a map. Hyper-Hyperreal?
Paris Pages: An online collection of everything regarding the "City of Light."
Placeholder by Brenda Laurel and Rachel Strickland: A research project which explores a new paradigm for narrative action in virtual environments.
PMC-MOO: Postmodern Culture's text-based MOO site.
Santa Barbara Network: Find out what movies Reagan might go see if he could use a computer.
Stanford's MOO Directory: MOO resources for SERIOUS propeller-heads.
Station Rose/Frankfurt: Lots of flashy psychadelic neon.
VoyagerCo: The New York Times put it this way: "Voyager is different...dedicated to pioneering an entirely new way of communicating...its CD-ROMs have already set new artistic standards."
WELL:The most popular "alternative" BBS is now a full-fledged commercial provider. Venerable Whole Earth 'Letric Link is in a period of transition.
Welcome to Worlds Inc.: The leading producer of social computing applications. As a publisher of shared virtual environments, Worlds allows users to communicate and interact in fully navigable 3-D s paces with other people using standard phone lines.

MISCELLANEOUS WEIRD Precisely the sort of thing that makes Exonians hysterical.
BeastNet: A collection of very strange essays and information pertaining to the already-among-us Anti-Christ.
Bionomics Home Page: Bionomics = Social Darwinism + Tony Robbins + John Naisbitt + Amway.
Body Wire Detector: You never know!!!
Bump on side of anus: Pretty much explains itself.
Christian Coalition Main Menu: "Jihad" Middle American style.
Christian Music Online Welcome Page: Find out about some of the worst music conceivable.
Conspiracy!!!!!!: Lots of resources for people who think the government has put radio transceivers in their teeth.
Conspiracy, Control & ??????: "Here you will find news and events that the national and international media would never be allowed to print, information that you need to know to protect yo urself in the up coming changes going on around us right now. Covering subjects like One World Government, Militia, Patriot, AIDS, Sovereignty, Right To Keep And Bear Arms, Spirit, Awareness, Liberty, Congress, News, Rights, Solutions and much more."
Disneyland Paris, Attractions: The new American Embassy to the United States of Europe is busier than the French care to admit.
Erotic Penis Enlargement Available Here: "Erotic" is matter of taste and perspective, I suppose.
Hastings UFO Society: Scully and Mulder look out!!!
hippocrates and hemorrhoids: No explanation needed.
IdEAL ORDER: Founded in 1982 as an outlet for anarchic/artistic activism by Elsie Russell and Jeffrey Harrington. The intent was twofold: to create collaborative and issue-oriented art which was designed to provoke a chaotic zen consciousness in the viewer and to create an awareness of the telepathic activism of Jeffrey Harrington. While Jeffrey was employed at Liberty Audio/Video he had begun experimenting with a capability developed as an offsh oot to his Zen meditative practices. He discovered that he could cause broadcasting television camera lenses to glow. He began using this luminescent effect as a tool to harass media and politicians.
Illuminati Online Home Page: Only SERIOUS geeks need apply.
Issue Action News: More resources for people who are now certain that the radio transceivers in their teeth have something to do with the Waco cover-up.
John Birch Society: Serving the gray areas between ultra-conservatism and paranoid schizophrenia for over thirty years.
Make a Friend on the Web: Provides random links to real people's real home pages. More than a little depressing.
Mall of America/Lego Area: Survey the wisdom of those who have made their journeys to the largest mall in the United States and its wonderous LegoWorld. So taken are these pilgrims, t hey have set up an online news group of sorts.
Medjugorje -- The Message from Our Lady: "Since June 25, 1981, Mary the Mother of God is reported to visit daily with several young adults in this Croatian village i n Bosnia-Hercegovina, bringing messages on how to achieve peace in our hearts, homes and world." Now she makes an appearance on someone's home page at Stanford.
Patriot's WWW Page: Welcome to Weimar America.
Raphael's Petting Zoo: Bring your sunglasses and hang out for a while.
Romantic Adventures: Are you so lonely/ lazy that you're willing to pay a complete stranger a lot of money to drop you on a small island with a lot of other lonely/ lazy strangers? Well...
Stale Urine: One of the better "industrial/ zydeco" bands with their own web site that you can visit.
TEKNEMA: A privately held company, with an international twist, based in San Jose, California. Teknema develops and markets software technologies and products for multimedia document distribution over comp uter networks and the Internet.
This Week In Bible Prophecy: A favorite. Chicken Littles of the religious right. Microchips, UPC barcodes and ATM machines are laying the infrastructural foundation necessary to the fulfillment of t he mark of the Beast.
UFO Directory and Forum: Good source of information for tracking down online UFO activity.
Virtual Library: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs): The latest and hottest updates, like [CENSORED] and then it was gone. Apparently, [CENSORED] before shots were fired. [CENSORED] at least th e information is accesible.
WORLD WIDE WEED: No, you're not hallucinating...
ZONPOWER Rules Cyberspace: Involves New Physics, something called "The Anti-Civilization," and a "nonaging body." It promises to solve your emotional problems and download your email a utomatically, while postponing death.


Acronym list: This is where you can search for an acronym and see its expansion; search for a word in the expansions and see the related acronyms; submit an acronym for inclusion in the database.
Bruce Sterling's Online Resources: The freindlier of the two-guys-with-glasses-who-invented-cyberpunk duo.
Communications and Journalism Academic WWW Sites: This list compiles Communications, Journalism and Media sites in universities around the world. The sites are sorted by region and countr y.
Computing Dictionary: A searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architecture, operating systems, networking, theory, conventions, standards, mathematics, telecomms, ele ctronics, institutions, companies, projects, products, history, in fact anything to do with computing.
Macmillan USA Information SuperLibrary (tm): WOWZA! There are a lot of exciting things happening at Macmillan's SuperLibrary.
SocioWeb: A sociological resource center.
What's Cool?: Someday, we'll all agree on what's cool on the Net. In the meantime, the Netscape cool team will continue to bring you a list of select sites that catch their eye, make them laugh, help them work, quench their thirst ... you get the idea.
What's New?: Netscape Corporation's constantly mutating offering from the hundreds of new sites coming online every day.
World Wide Web and Mosaic Documentation: This is a list of documentation available for the World Wide Web and the NCSA Mosaic client.
World Wide Web Research: Contains links to documents on W3 research.
WWW Virtual Library: Computing, Programming Languages: Pointers to some on-line reference information about computer languages.

NetSearch Engines

Netscape's Search Engines: A great place to start.
InfoSeek Home Page: A comprehensive and accurate WWW search engine. You can type your search in plain English or just enter key words and phrases. You can also use special query operators.
Lycos Home Page: Hunting WWW Information: Lycos' new search engine and redesigned navigation bar lets you efficiently search document titles and content. It features a database that the company claims has millions of link descriptors and documents built by a Web crawler that brings in thousands of documents daily. The index searches document title, headings, links, and keywords it locates in these documents.

Home Page Helpers

A Beginner's Guide to HTML: A primer for producing documents in HTML, the markup language used by the World Wide Web.
Guides to Writing HTML Documents: These guides are about writing style, which HTML constructs to use when, when to divide up documents into multiple parts, etc.
How to Write HTML Files: This is the document which describes what HTML is and how it works.
HTML: Adding More: Looks at lists, links and visual effects.