KATHY ACKER is a writer whose work indicates the current face of theory-as-fiction and fiction-as-theory. Her uncensored appropriations of the literary debris include: _Empire of the Senseless_, _Blood and Guts in High School_, Don Quixote_, _The Childlike Life of the Black Tarantula_, _Great Expectations_, _My Mother, Demonology_, as well as _Hannibal Lecter, My Father_ (much of the latter with Sylvere Lotringer). She is currently teaching at the Literature Board at U.C. San Diego, and lives in San Franscisco.

BENJAMIN BRATTON is a graduate student in the Department of Sociology at U.C. Santa Barbara. He will be at University of Paris III (Paris Center for Critical Studies) for the academic year 1994-95, as part of an ongoing investigation into the role that mythological imaginations of media technologies played in the formation of social and cultural spaces in France from the late 1950's to the mid-1980's. Other current research interests include the social and cultural histories of Christian television in the United States, and the discourse of Millenialism in 20th century Evangelical Christianity. He is a founding editor of _SPEED_.

MARK JENKINS is a Doctoral Candidate in Literature at the U.C. San Diego. The present piece is derived from his dissertation, which is entitled "Counter-Sites: New Maps of Subjectivity in Postmodern Speculative Fiction." His current research interests include theoretical approaches to the topic of gender and subjectivity in Multiple Personality Disorder; the popular culture of Prozac; technological "becomings" in the philosophy and culture of virtual reality; and the fiction of William Vollman.

WILL KRETH is both the Online Ambassador for and a contributing writer to _WIRED_ magazine. Prior to helping start _WIRED_, he worked for companies such as PF Magic, Apple Computer's Discovery Studio and the Apple Multimedia Lab. A freelance writer for the past seven years, he's the former editor of "_Focus On - Desktop Video_" a supplement to the monthly Bay Area industry trade publication _Film/Tape World_. His writing has appeared in _MacUser UK_, _Film/Tape World_, _WARD Music Monthly_, _OPTION_, the _Daily Californian_, and _Arete_. He is also a co-founding member and volunteer for an organization known as Bay Area Internet Literacy--or BAIL. Hosting low-cost, monthly "how-to" workshops (at public locations in the San Francisco Bay Area) on basic connectivity tools and navigational skills for beginners, BAIL is a non-profit group of telecom adventurers dedicated to increasing citizen participation in the Internet.

MARK LEYNER is the self-proclaimed "favorite cult writer of the MTV generation." His works include: _My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist_ , and _Et Tu, Babe_, both viciously humurous meditations on the over-adrenalized state of contemporary meaning. Before becoming a "genius," Leyner worked as an advertising copy writer, but claims that the only effect that it had on his prose was his learning the art of brevity--terseness. Leyner is the likely candidate to succeed Bud Selig as Commissioner of Baseball. He lives in New Jersey on purpose.

ROBERT NIDEFFER received a BA in cultural anthropology, an MA and Ph.D. in sociology, and an MFA in computer arts from the University of California at Santa Barbara. His dissertation: _Bodies, No-bodies, and Anti-bodies at War: Operation Desert Storm and the Politics of the 'Real'_ was authored as an interactive CD-ROM. He is a founding editor of _SPEED_.

MARK PESCE is a researcher, writer, and entrepreneur. After a decade of involvement in the field of computer internetworking he directed his efforts toward the development of truly large-scale, wide-area simulations. Recently, his work has appeared in _WIRED_ and _Millimeter_. As part of a vision to make the Internet navigable to untrained users, Mr. Pesce, in conjunction with the other principals at his new venture, Labyrinth Group, is developing Labyrinth, a tool which uses the World Wide Web and Cyberspace Protocols to produce a visualizable Internet. Labyrinth will be demonstrated at SIGGRAPH '94, as part of the SIGKIDS exhibition, where it will be used to provide a "walk-through" front-end to the U.S. Library of Congress. Mr. Pesce lives and works in San Francisco, California.