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  1. If you decide to download the entire video, for maximum viewing pleasure, also download the file entitled "analAT&T.turnOn.sea" (490KB). This is a self extracting application archive. After downloading and extracting, launch the application and view the video from within the pirated video room (the application "analAT&T.turnOn" and the video "analATTL.MOV" must be placed in the same folder).
  2. Finally, the video looks best when played back in thousands or millions of colors.

DOWNLOAD analAT&T Trailer (1.3MB Quicktime)
analAT&T Movie - Full 160x120 (7.2MB Quicktime)
analAT&T Movie - Full 320x240 (28.6MB Quicktime - currently de-linked)
ARTIST Robert Nideffer, UCSB

For many contemporary cultural theorists and artists, technological advances have led to a movement away from some pristine body in a state of nature, an ontologically grounded and organically real body distinctive from the manufactured inorganic artifact surrounding it, toward a new kind of hypermediated "no-body"; an ungrounded and ungroundable absence bred from the dis- and re-placement of the human with the technological.

"analAT&T" is about re-imag(in)ing our relationship to technological systems in order to rethink strategies of representation in a world that requires a new kind of conceptual space, a space with room for a social agent no longer bound to the "natural" body reminiscent of the Platonic ideal, but that inhabits a new kind of technically afforded "anti-body."

The piece speaks to the ways in which we are being called into service by future visions of an increasingly (in)corporate(d) America. By drawing attention to the human form as it is penetrated by contemporary media and corporate imag(in)ings of a predetermined destiny, the ways in which new technologies "WILL" form the basis of our individual and collective identities are also hilighted.

In this instance, the body is but a transducer caught in the circuitry of an informational flow. Yet as this video-short shows, what the body produces, specifically as it interfaces and merges with new technical forms, is not necessarily representative of what it consumes.

To strategically intervene in massively mediated and corporately controlled spaces.

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