PART ONE: Game Specs

The game specs are the most important component for this class, Tech Specs are secondary (however, at minimum you should include information about what platforms the game would be played on, whether single player or multiplayer, if there's multiple platforms or media incorporated into the game space, how they would connect together, and so on). You must illustrate your document with charts, diagrams, graphics, etc. when and where appropriate (e.g., environment sketches, character designs, game interfaces). * Popular genres for both single player and multiplayer networked games include: Action, Arcade and Shooter Games, Adventure and Role Playing Games, Board Games, Card and Casino Games, Driving and Racing Games, Interactive Storybooks, Educational Games, Puzzle Solving Games, Simulation Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, Trivia and TV Game Shows Games, and War Games.

PART TWO: Tech Specs
NOTE: Think about each of these elements in relation to your chosen gaming genre. For example, take 'Levels' from the 'Game Specs' category. What would levels refer to in an action genre like a first person shooter, compared to a driving simulation, an RPG, or a classic board-style game?