ARTISTTrent Stassi
LINKDeath - Website


This piece "Life" is the companion of another work that I did "Death." "Death" is told from the point of view of police detectives, while in "Life" the story is told from the point of view of the victim. MORE... With the point of view of the victim, I add in why I want to become a video game designer. My original project idea had me drawing out my life with video games and what lead me to want to become a game designer. For this project, I used the basic template that I created for "Death." I kept the aspect of having the viewer go out to real world locations to complete the story. It was my way of getting the viewer more involved with the piece. The viewer will have to find a qr code with the hints that the story provides, and use a smart phone to scan the code and find out the password to continue the story.