"Intriguing Entertainment"

ARTISTStephen Mackichan
MATERIALCharcoal, Paper


Here at Intriguing Entertainment, we specialize in creating and designing all those games you only wish you could play - if you thought you did or not. It's not that we create games to necessarily mock or poke fun at the success of other greats, it's that we simply find our games to more intriguing, more inventive, and more clever. I mean, why do we play the games we do? Does society determine what is acceptable to spend your time playing? How can we know what is the best usage of our free time? MORE... At Intriguing Entertainment, we believe that our customers should blaze the trail they choose, without relying upon what those around us seem to think is the hit of the day. Spend your time doing things we know you're really interested in, and if you aren't, we'll return your money free of charge in exchange for a wink.

Project objectives: Question why we play the things we do and ask society to ponder the question of legitimacy of the cyber world's quest to fuse reality into a simplistic gaming device. I wanted to ask the viewer what parts in the current evolution of gaming are strong, and what parts although innovative my need to be explored further. In this project, I comedically posed questions based upon the what if's we haven't, and most likely never will see, as an exhibit in hopes of causing the viewer to ponder why we play what we do as well as where the future of gaming will need us.