"How Would You Sound?"

ARTISTNicole Dudley
MATERIALDigital Sound Recording


Anyone who has played a game can relate to the moments when you are completely sucked into the scenario and your attention is devoted to the task at hand. Becoming oblivious to all else, you begin to react in a state of complete immersion. The result is a series of interesting sounds produced by the game player(s) which reflect upon the relationship the game has provoked them into having. MORE...

Because of my interest in these moments of game-play, I structured this project to explore themes in these states of immersion. How Would You Sound? invites the observer of the piece to witness these moments in a unique way. We are so accustomed to having a visual associated with the sound of a game being played. By taking away the visual it takes away a level of understanding and puts more focus on the sounds of reaction. Limited to simply listening, the participant can pick up on how absorbed players are and can take note of the unconscious tendencies that form, for example constant swearing as an expression. The overall process is fascinating because, out of context, the players sound ridiculous as the unattached observer cannot connect to the motivation of their behavior. Instead they connect to the players themselves, and will react to this piece based on their sounding reactions to the games.

This piece is arranged in the format of a CD, with different tracks that can be selected by the audience. Each track has its own theme that explores a different emotion prompted by being immersed in a game, such as fear or the exuberance of winning. How Would You Sound? invites an audience member into the personal space of gamers and focuses on a different aspect in the dimension of game-play.