"The Hero's Guide To Monsters"

ARTISTWalter Arriaza
MATERIALJournal, Pencil, Pen


The Hero's Guide to Monsters is a small ongoing journal containing entries written and drawn by a hero as he details the verym monsters he encounters on his adventure. MORE... The Hero's Guide is an homage to the days before the internet became predominant in which kids would sometimes write down guides or inform each other on the many ways there are in fighting enemies in different video games. The Hero's Guide takes that idea and solidifies as a real construct. Besides having sketches and tips on how to defeat monsters, the journal contains a narrative of the hero as he stumbles across different worlds and addresses the different properties of video games in a satire.

Half of the project itself is the look of the Hero's Guide. The journal shows the tear and wear it has endured during the quest, with noticeable burns, pages ripped, bends and other damage. Not only does it say the adventure, it shows the adventure to the reader.

There still exists a stigma associated with people playing video games. Instead of demeaning people on what they play or trying to label it a culture, people should remember the experiences video games provided; the lessons learned and the interaction with friends as they slowly, without realizing it, start believing in these creatures.