REBECCA ALLEN is director of "Emergence," an Intel-funded research project and Founding Co-director, Center for Digital Arts (CDA).

NATALIE BOOKCHIN works collaboratively and independently on and off of the Internet. She exhibits, performs and lectures about her work widely in the US and in Europe.

wide-ranging production credits in interactive digital media include everything from Nintendo games to museum exhibits.
ADRIENE JENIK is a cross-platform media artist. Her previous projects include live television, video shorts and 'zine publishing.  A special live performance by Jennik and Brenneis, "A bag full of Cats: interfaces with the parallel universe," took place at the Beall Center at 8 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 17, as part of the exhibition's  opening celebrations.

JANINE CIRINCIONE & MICHAEL FERRARO are New York artists who collaborate on immersive audiovisual installations and projects.

LEON CMIELEWSKI & JOSEPHINE STARRS' interest in new technology is fueled by a mixture of skepticism (who is excluded from technotopia and why would anyone want to live there anyway?) and enthusiasm for the playful possibilities of new media.

MONGREL is a mixed bunch of people and machines working to celebrate the methods of an "ignorant" and "filthy" London street culture.

KEN FEINGOLD is an innovator in the field of interactive art whose work includes The Surprising Spiral, JCJ Junkman, Childhood/Hot & Cold Wars, and where I can see my house from here so we are, among many others.

PERRY HOBERMAN is an installation artist whose work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and worldwide.

HONORIA IN CIBERSPAZIO, a cyberopera, is in the process of being composed by a worldwide group of net denizens that currently numbers over 60 contributors.

LEV MANOVICH is an artist, a theorist and a critic of new media. He has published more than thirty articles, which have been translated into many languages and reprinted in eighteen countries.

NORMAN KLEIN is the author of numerous books and essays on mass culture, media and urban studies, most notably, "The History of Forgetting: Los Angeles and the Erasure of Memory," and "Seven Minutes: The Life and Death of the American Animated Cartoon."

JANE PROPHET is a British artist working with video and digital media. The TechnoSphere project, done in collaboration with
Mark Hurry and Gordon Selley, is a unique 3D model world inhabited by artificial lifeforms created by web users, who can then track their creature's subsequent life within its simulated world.
GORDON SELLEY is a computer graphics programmer who has developed software for flight simulation, film special effects, PC computer games and now the Internet.
is the Managing Director of Digital Workshop Limited (DWL), a small real-time 3D graphics software development company based in London which he co-founded in 1993.

®TMark is a group of net artists who aim to encourage the intelligent sabotage of mass-produced items as a form of what has been called "creative subversion".

CHRISTA SOMMERER & LAURENT MIGNONNEAU are French and Austrian digital artists whose installations and net-works feature uniquely "lifelike" systems based on evolutionary software.

EDDO STERN was born in Tel-Aviv and reared under the maelstrom of Middle Eastern ideological combat. He works with electronic warfare, video games, science fiction, foodstuffs and other forms of soft and hard propaganda.

ORIGIN, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, is a developer of computer games established in 1983.

WORD.COM: "A kind of hip, lo-fi New Yorker magazine for a new generation," according to the New York Times.
ERIC ZIMMERMAN can't seem to stop making games. He is an accomplished game designer, artist, and academic exploring the emerging field of game design.

NEGATIVLAND is an experimental-music and art collective that has been recording music/audio/collage works since 1979, producing a weekly 3 hour radio show (Over The Edge) since 1981, hosting a World Wide Web site since 1995, and performing live on occasional tours throughout America and Europe.

DIRK PAESMANS & JOAN HEEMSKERK (Jodi) work together in the Net under the common name of Jodi.

JOSH PORTWAY is one of the foremost creators of interactive multimedia content today, and an expert on content authoring tools.

MAXIS, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, is a pioneering computer game company whose products include some of the most popular and widely praised games of the last decade, including SimCity, SimLife, SimEarth, and SimTower.